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By appointment Monday and Friday - 50 minute session, $60

Massage for Health and Wellness

If you’ve ever had a massage you know it feels great. But can it be good for your health? Absolutely! In recent years, massage has become well accepted as a wonderful health support. Research has shown that massage can help to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. People also experience reduced pain and discomfort, as well as increased range of motion and mobility when they receive a massage. Most importantly, people who receive massage report that over time the effects of regular massage are cumulative and lasting.

Massage for Pregnancy and Post-partum Recovery

With appropriate modifications and adaptation to the special needs of childbearing, massage can provide all the same benefits to women during pregnancy and in the post-partum recovery period. Pregnancy brings tremendous changes to a woman’s body. Each trimester has its special considerations, and massage can be safely adapted to those considerations. The result is that massage can not only ease the challenges presented by pregnancy, but can improve the overall experience of pregnancy.

Massage at Dover Women's Health

For all patients, our goal is to provide safe and compassionate massage given by a skilled, licensed professional. At every session, your therapist will discuss your needs and goals with you, so as to create a treatment plan that is entirely customized to your needs. Therapist Holly Roche, BS, LMT employs a wide variety of techniques, from basic Swedish massage and trigger point therapy, to myofascial release and Reiki.

Our Massage Therapist


Holly has been a licensed massage therapist since 2002. She has a wide range of professional interests, and pursues a variety of continuing education opportunities. Recently, Holly completed a 40-hour certification in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year, a course in pre- and postnatal massage.