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Female Sexual Dysfunction

There are many factors that can affect a woman’s sexual function including mood, health, relationships, and medications. It is natural for your sexual experiences to fluctuate from high to low, but if you note frequent difficulty, it may be a sign of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). FSD is more common than you think; a survey conducted by the American Medical Association determined that at least 43% of women in the United States suffered from FSD.

FSD is divided into the following seven disorders:

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: the absence of desire for sexual activity – Low Libido

Sexual Aversion Disorder: when one avoids sexual contact with your partner causing emotional distress

Sexual Arousal Disorder: the inability to maintain sexual excitement

Orgasmic Disorder: the inability or significant delay in attaining orgasm

Dyspareunia: genital pain experienced during intercourse

NonCoital Sexual Pain Disorder: genital pain experienced during noncoital (sexual activity that doesn’t include vaginal penetration) sexual stimulation

Vaginismus: involuntary spasms in the genital area that inhibit vaginal penetration