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Birthing Options

We birth our babies at Wentworth Douglass Hospital. We are proud of the specially trained nurses, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, anesthesiologists, pediatricians and support staff who provide excellent care to you and your family. Care is provided in a private birthing suite. The baby can stay in your room so that the staff can help you learn proper care of your baby.

Available options at the hospital are based on providing the best health care for you and your baby as well as your preferences. Please discuss questions and preferences with your midwife. Some of the options available at the hospital include:

  • Childbirth education
    • General prenatal education
    • Hypnobirthing, excellent for women who prefer as natural a birth as possible
    • Prenatal yoga
    • Prenatal aquatic exercise
  • Birth ball
  • Birth stool
  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Pain medication
  • Epidural anesthesia

At Dover Women's Health, our goal is to support your choices for coping with any discomfort during the birthing process. For some, comfort through the use of medications and epidurals during labor is desired. Our doctors and midwives are skilled at managing labors where medications and epidurals are implemented. Anesthesia is on call 24 hours a day for this purpose. In collaboration with the Birth Center nursing staff, we can help you decide which avenue will provide you with the most comfort during such an important occasion. Feel free to call us to discuss our philosophy and to share your thoughts, needs and desires.

All breastfeeding mothers will be seen by a lactation consultant.

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