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Midwife Care

Certified Nurse Midwives are licensed health care professionals educated in dual disciplines of nursing and midwifery, and are certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board. They provide primary healthcare to women of childbearing age. These services include: prenatal and delivery care, assisting on Cesarean Sections, care after birth, gynecologic exams, preconception counseling, family planning, treatment of vaginal infections, menopausal management, and counseling in health maintenance and disease prevention.

Certified nurse midwives have a high degree of professionalism and are very skilled at risk screening. Their focus is on the individual need of the woman and family for physical, emotional, and social support. They promote active involvement of significant others according to cultural values and personal preferences. Midwives emphasize health education and promote responsible healthcare decisions, with respect, support, nurturance, and guidance. Appointments with midwives offer ample time and patience for discussions of issues of concern.

Women who have midwives attend their births, typically have equal or better outcomes than physicians for low risk births, as well as lower rates of interventions such as rupture of membranes, induction of labor, episiotomies, and cesarean sections.

Obstetric care includes all the usual evaluation and testing options that are included in any maternity practice. Some options for birth include hypnobirthing, medication if desired, as well as epidurals.

If you are in our practice and develop a complication, our midwives work together with our board certified physicians to provide an exceptional complement of holistic and medical care. Our physicians are immediately available for consultation and assistance in emergencies.

In order to best suit your needs, our midwives take turn on call to ensure your provider is alert and energetic. We encourage you to rotate among the midwives so that you will be comfortable with whoever your birth attendant will be. Even though our midwives all have different personalities (all charming, of course!), they all practice in the same manner – to provide you with safe satisfying care. We encourage you to see all the midwives throughout your pregnancy to become comfortable with your birth attendant.

Our midwives at Dover Women’s Health have a vast array of experience to serve your needs in a holistic, caring manner. If you would like to explore whether our practice would provide the type of care that you desire, you may schedule a complementary, no-charge “meet and greet” appointment.

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